Is it Left, Right or are we all Americans?

          I think it started back in the 80s, all this hate, or whenever that ‘Contract with America’ started. And now, the architect of that plan has re-emerged and wants to be POTUS [Pres. of the U.S.]. Some of these guys are just like a bad cold, they just won’t go away. Or like a canker sore; ugly to look at AND they just won’t go away. But, I digress. The Right thinks they’re all right and the Left thinks the Right is all wrong. It would be bad enough if it stopped there, but it doesn’t. Like wolves or some other pack animal, like rabid dogs, these people are just plain vicious. If it weren’t for the sake of the country, these people would almost be comical. But it is about the country and that’s what makes the dialogue so sad. The sad part is that the joke’s on us.

            One, just one. Name one person on Capitol Hill whoever did anything for the United States of America other than spend our money and feather their own nest at the same time. If I, as a Chicago businessman, walked into a politicians office and plopped a suitcase full of money on his desk, then that would be considered a bribe or a pay-off. But you do that in Washington, D.C. and they call it ‘lobbying’. I don’t know, I mean I’m not the brightest guy in the world but if something walks like a duck and it looks like a duck, if it QUACKS like a duck then it’s a safe bet it’s a duck. They’re rolling in the cash and making their contacts and meeting the ‘point’ people for the time when they retire from elective politics and then BAM-O the watershed opens and you see how much this person or that person is making and then it hits you that the joke is on you. The disgusting part is that it’s so blatant, this total disregard not only for their office, not only for their constituents but for the entire country. The Constitution Be Damned! And these are the same hypocrites who fasten those American Flags to their lapels and talk about God and guns and how America’s going to kick someone’s ass. PLLLEASE. To these people, America is nothing more than a nice big, fat ATM.

            Whether we are Left or Right, whether we are rich or poor, whether we are progressive or conservative, before all else, WE ARE AMERICANS. All of us. We have to remember that. We need to get our heads out of our collective rears and remember that we are Americans. Some our parents, most of our grandparents and all of our great-grandparents came here from somewhere else. They chose not to go somewhere else, they chose the UNITED STATES of AMERICA. And they built what needed building here in our country, the Irish, the Chinese, the Italians, those from Africa, every race, every nationality, every creed spilled their blood here to make our country  what it is. And there is a segment in OUR society on t.v. and on radio that would diminish the sacrifice that those before us made and you’re either with them or you’re with the terrorists. This is the kind of knee-jerk fascism that is permeating OUR society today.

            It was with great pride that I walked into a store in 1968 and handed the guy $20 and a picture of an American Flag and told him to tattoo it on my arm. LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT. But, my love has always been for the people, not the politicians and not the pundits. It has always been and it will always be for the people. My grandma would sew these pieces of fabric together for a patch-work quilt and, as a youngster, I would laugh because it was so funny looking. All of these pieces that don’t go together will come together to keep you warm. If elected, she would have served this country well. Keep the faith, America. God bless. ML Proko (2011) more at