‘Count this day as a separate life’

          With all of the angst and worrying that’s going on in our world today, some of it real but most of it imagined, we need to take a collective ‘time-out’. Normally, ‘time-outs’ are reserved for children but the direction we will be heading is going to be back thataway, back to when we were kids. Do you remember back then, remember what it was like to live a lifetime in an entire day? You’d race out of the house as early as you could and your mother wouldn’t see you until the sun went down and the street-lights came on. D’ you remember that? You’d try to cram as much into that one day as you possibly could. Forget about tomorrows, there were no tomorrows just like there were no yesterdays. Nope, all we had were those magical days and we lived them one at a time. That was how we grew up back then, just like our parents before us and theirs before them. If that’s how we were all raised, why is it that everyone would make a big deal about Eckhart Tolle’s The Power of Now? If we were, indeed, brewed and steeped in living each day to the fullest, how can Tolle’s tome teach us what we already know? Could we have forgotten that much? Did we forget what it was like when we were our happiest? Are we forgetting that joy was once something other than a dishwashing detergent? Are our good days really over for good? Well, there is one guy sitting at a writing desk in Tucson who begs to differ with you.

Mr. Lincoln summed it up best when he said that people are as happy as they make their minds up to be; wise words from a man who was not only married to a manic depressive but suffered from the same state. If that logic rings true, then it stands to reason that most people today are more content when they’re miserable. Or it could just be this constant barrage of bad news that we get day in day out. What that does is beat the hell out of your psyche. I, for one, find it kind of odd when all these slicksters on t.v. are telling us how bad things are and these bozos are pulling very nice salaries. I guess they don’t have to worry about a recession, just try to worry us to death about the one we’re in.

So, how do we get it back, that magic, that feeling that this day is a separate life? Do we start an unraveling process that will take years if not decades to fix? No, that’s not it. It’s really not all that complicated. At a very young age, we started to think that others were judging us. Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. But we allowed ourselves to change because of that conception. Really, all you ever had to be was yourself and realize that you were amongst friends. If they don’t understand you then they weren’t really your friends. I have tried to sow the seeds of hope in my daily travels and when you can introduce hope into the life of another, even if you died at midnight, the life that you lived on that particular day will have mattered to another.

We are all searching for our own enlightenment and, what’s usually the case, all that which we search for was within us all along. We were all born with it, we used it as young ones and then we chucked it all away because of our ego. Find it. Find it and talk to it. No, better yet, command it! You’ve tried it the other way and, well, that didn’t turn out too well. Turn back that clock. I’m sure you like what you find. As for me, tomorrow it’s ice cream for breakfast. And strawberry pancakes for dinner. Yup, that’ll work. Take it slow, my friends. And God bless. MLProko (2011)  www.mikeproko.com

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